Just as our tagline promises, Splitfinger Strategies connects people, places and things. Our capabilities span a variety of industries and activities, which will enhance your brand’s influence and reach. If you are seeking quality goods to emblazon with your logo, you’re at the right place. Our talent lies in our ability to relate to people, understand the needs of their business, and deliver the appropriate solution. 

This expertise is firmly rooted in the heart of Splitfinger Strategies’ founder, William T. Magnier, Sr. Anyone who knows Bill understands he has a passion for people. The youngest of seven children, Bill quickly learned how to establish his presence and make connections with his winning personality. He affectionately jokes that the only advice he did not heed from his beloved mom was, “Don’t talk to strangers.” Instead, Bill embodies the concept of meeting as strangers and leaving as friends.


You may be asking yourself, “So, what’s with all the baseball innuendo?” Because Bill learned some of his most important life lessons through the game (such as humility, success, failure and teamwork), it is only natural that baseball would become an integral part of his company’s identity.

One night, Bill had a bit of a baseball epiphany, a la Field of Dreams. Realizing how his experiences on the field are so intricately connected to the way in which he strives to conduct business, he literally dreamed of founding Splitfinger Strategies. It is no coincidence that his business was inspired to use this baseball idiom as its moniker.


William T. Magnier lives in Morris County, NJ with his wife and five children. He enjoyed much success working in finance and sales before establishing Splitfinger Strategies. Bill is eager to follow his dreams and passions with this endeavor, learning about your goals and finding you the precise products that will drive your company forward.

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